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HAECO raises world's largest single-span hangar roof in Xiamen  

HAECO recently achieved a significant milestone with the raising of the roof for Hangar 1 at its state-of-the-art maintenance base in Xiamen Xiang'an International Airport. This impressive facility is set to become the world's largest single-span aircraft maintenance hangar and is expected to start operations by 2026.


Hangar 1, along with Hangar 2, forms a massive steel structure weighing nearly 30,000 tonnes. The roof of Hangar 1 alone weighs an astonishing 11,393 tonnes and features a door truss spanning 269.5 meters, making it the widest in the world. The roof closure process involved the use of 54 hydraulic machines and took 8 hours to complete. This meticulous operation successfully lifted the steel roof to a height of 42.5 meters, finalising the closure.


The new hangar reflects HAECO's commitment to innovation, environmentally friendly design, and advanced technology. It incorporates various sustainable features and aims to achieve a LEED-NC Gold certification, which recognises energy-efficient and environmentally conscious construction.


Speaking at the ceremony, Summit Chan, Group Director of Corporate Development at HAECO, emphasized the company's dedication to safety, quality, efficiency, and sustainability. "Our new state-of-the-art MRO facility in Xiamen demonstrates our commitment to providing top-quality products and services to our airline customers. This investment not only benefits our stakeholders but also allows us to actively contribute to sustainability efforts. It represents our largest infrastructure investment to date and showcases our commitment to advancing the aviation industry."


The construction of the hangar's steel structure is expected to be completed by July 2024. The enclosure structure, mechanical and electrical fittings, and interior renovations are anticipated to conclude by November 2025. These milestones are aimed at ensuring the full operational readiness of the facility upon the opening of Xiamen Xiang'an International Airport in 2026.