CSR Activities
Uniform with love

Following the rebranding programme undertaken by the HAECO Group in late 2014, HAECO Hong Kong took the opportunity to give new value to its old uniforms by supporting an upcycling programme initiated by the Swire group in partnership with the Hong Kong Baptist University’s Low-carbon Ambassadors Programme (LAMP). Their meaningful work was recognised as the Most Replicable Project at the fifth Swire Sustainable Development (SD) Forum, held on 12 November 2015. 


The LAMP student ambassadors designed a variety of upcycled products, transforming old uniforms into tote bags, over-sleeves and pencil-cases featuring the HAECO logo. Around 1,000 old uniforms were then donated to the St James’ Settlement, where volunteers’ sewing talents transformed the old work-wear into over 400 useful items. Most of these products will be donated to underprivileged local students, while the remaining items will be given to HAECO staff as souvenirs. 


The Swire SD Forum is a major annual event through which SD leaders from operational companies around the Swire group share best practices.