Airframe Services
QACVR Modification

On 15 November 2016, STAECO completed a Quick Access Cockpit Voice Recorder (QACVR) modification on a Boeing 737NG aircraft for customer Shandong Airlines. This is the first aircraft in the Shandong Airlines’ fleet to have a QACVR installed. The MYJ-2A QACVR was jointly developed by the China Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology and the Beijing Radio Measurements Research Institute (also known as Institute 35). 


STAECO carried out design and installation of the system, as well as Modification Design Approval (MDA) certification. In terms of input size, this is the largest project of its kind undertaken by STAECO, since the MRO acquired capability for turnkey design and installation. It has subsequently been confirmed that STAECO will carry out QACVR modifications on a total of 50 Shandong Airlines’ aircraft, under its MDA certification.