Private Jet Solutions
HAECO unveils “East meets West” cabin design concept

In May, HAECO PJS unveiled an innovative cabin interior design for wide-body aircraft. The “East meets West” concept encapsulates modern, out-of-the-box design, but is also infused with a touch of Asian heritage. The design is adaptable to a range of aircraft types.


The design concept is a collaboration between HAECO PJS and an international fashion brand. The aim was to create a state-of-the-art cabin interior that would appeal to globetrotting Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. The user can experience unrivalled comfort in a surrounding that is modern, chic and innovative. Unique features of the cabin include a sushi bar – offering flyers a novel experience at 39,000 feet. Meanwhile, to augment the spacious feeling within the cabin, lattice frame dividers were chosen over traditional dividers - providing the illusion of more space and also adding to the modern design impact.