Parts Manufacturing
Structural parts manufacturing agreement

In May, HAECO Parts Manufacturing (HAECO PM) signed a long-term supplier agreement with Boeing Tianjin Composites Co., Ltd. (BTC) for structural parts manufacturing on Boeing commercial aircraft.


With facilities based at HAECO Xiamen, HAECO PM draws on the Group’s engineering excellence and strong OEM relationships to offer a range of design, build-to-print fabrication, and testing services for airframe parts and spares. Stringent quality control, engineering expertise and impeccable production schedule integrity have made HAECO PM a trusted partner in the aviation industry. The business relationship with BTC began in January 2015, and the new agreement expands its scope to cover a new group of part numbers.


A joint venture of The Boeing Company, BTC has a capacity of over one million annual production hours and, manufactures primary structure, secondary structure and interiors aerospace composite parts for all Boeing commercial aircraft. BTC is dedicated to producing, assembling and delivering high-quality parts for Boeing aircraft, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, using advanced composite materials and manufacturing processes.