Base Maintenance
A 15-year partnership

In November 2017, HAECO welcomed United Airlines' (UA) Senior Leadership of Technical Operations at its headquarters in Hong Kong. During the occasion, James Barrington, Group Director Airframe Services of HAECO, presented a memento to Kris Bauer, Senior Vice President Technical Operations of UA to commemorate the 15 years of partnership between UA and HAECO. This marks another important milestone in the long-standing partnership between the two companies.


Over the years, HAECO has been working hand-in-hand with UA in delivering safe, high-quality and reliable travel experience to the airline's passengers. To date, HAECO has completed more than 530 Line Services inputs of A Check, as well as over 540 Airframe Services projects, including heavy maintenance checks, cabin and structural modifications, winglet installation and exterior painting on UA's Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 and 787 fleets. HAECO has recently completed the first cabin retrofit featuring the state-of-the-art Polaris interiors on UA's Boeing 767-300 aircraft in Hong Kong. The new Polaris seats offer direct aisle access for all Business Class passengers, greatly enhancing privacy and passenger comfort.


Looking ahead, HAECO will continue to develop technical capability and invest in new technology to provide UA with best-in-class aircraft maintenance services. Both companies look forward to many more successes in the years to come.