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Innovative RFID implementation

HAECO Hong Kong was runner-up for the Best RFID Implementation (Other Industry) Award at the RFID Journal Awards 2018; the company was cited for its RFID tool management system.


In 2017, HAECO Hong Kong introduced an RFID tool management system for its Airframe Services operations, with the aim of further improving its safety practices. The system has three main elements, including handheld RFID readers, tool tags and a HAECO tool management app, which aircraft maintenance mechanics can use on their mobile phones. The system helps ensure no tools are left inside an aircraft and assists in locating missing tools when needed.


Traditionally, mechanics are required to account for their tools at the end of each shift using a paper inventory for their toolboxes. The inventory is then checked by a supervisor, and the whole process takes 10 to 15 minutes.


The RFID tool management system tags each tool, so mechanics can simply capture all tags in their toolboxes with their mobile phones. The app alerts them to any missing tools or extra tools detected. The whole inventory process now takes only two to three minutes.


Introducing this system has helped enhance operational efficiency and safety. Having tested the system during the fourth quarter of 2017, HAECO Hong Kong plans to implement it in phases throughout its operations.