Sustainable Development
Trusting in a better tomorrow

For a century and a half, Swire has been steadfast in its commitment to Hong Kong and has done its best to be a supportive and caring corporate citizen. To mark the group’s 150th anniversary of doing business in Hong Kong in 2020, the Swire Group Charitable Trust (Swire Trust) has launched a new funding initiative, TrustTomorrow, as part of Swire’s ongoing pledge to give back to the community.


TrustTomorrow’s long-term vision is to support inspirational projects that aim to motivate positive change in the areas of Education, Marine Conservation and the Arts. At the same time, the initiative is committed to supporting vulnerable groups in society where help is most needed. In recent months, the global COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the lives of many in Hong Kong. As a result, TrustTomorrow has put its immediate focus on providing practical and timely assistance – including food and hygiene supplies – to those most affected by the pandemic, teaming up with Swire’s non-profit partners and change-makers in the social sector.


During the first half of 2020, the Swire Trust provided funding amounting to HK$15 million to support projects that helped combat the COVID-19 pandemic, benefitting over 122,000 people through more than 400 different organisations. The latest TrustTomorrow initiatives, rolled out in late September, funded an additional HK$14 million of pandemic relief to support programmes focusing on food and hygiene, family wellbeing and building social capital, and benefitted over 100,000 Hong Kong people through 85 NGOs.


Swire intends that TrustTomorrow will not only support Hong Kong during the present challenging times, but will also bring lasting benefits and opportunities to the community, so that the younger generation can enjoy a better tomorrow.