Sustainable Development
Sustainable development vision

HAECO Group released its updated Sustainable Development Strategy towards 2030 which sets out a 10-year roadmap for the sustainable development of its businesses. It covers three priority areas across the Group: People, Environment and Communities. The Strategy is underpinned by three priority areas.




  • Safety: aim for zero harm in all activities
  • Diversity and Inclusion: create a diverse and inclusive working environment




  • Climate: reduce carbon emissions and align with Science-Based Targets
  • Water: reduce water use and safeguard water resources
  • Waste: increase recycling ratio and minimise diversion to landfills
  • Suppliers: deliver sustainable procurement practices




  • Prioritise community engagement in the areas of youth development, community support, and environmental protection


The HAECO Group has also published its 2020 Sustainable Development Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiatives Standards. It is a comprehensive one-page report highlighting the Group’s annual performance and its initiatives towards becoming a sustainability pioneer in the MRO industry.


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