Component Services
Great teamwork

HAECO Composite Services recently undertook urgent repairs on a Xiamen Air Boeing 737 aircraft, damaged by a severe hailstorm. “The success of this repair job was made possible by close collaboration between HAECO Composite Services and the airline’s engineering and procurement teams in Xiamen and Fuzhou”, said Vice President of Aftermarket Business Development at HAECO Composite Services, Chong Tat Nyin. Thirty-two units, including ailerons, elevators, flaps, slats, spoilers, and wedges, were rapidly shipped to HAECO Composite Services to kick off immediate repair work to the flight control surfaces. “The HAECO team worked around the clock to meet our customer’s turnaround time expectations, said Mr Chong. “We were delighted to undertake and successfully accomplish this massive repair for Xiamen Air. Given the proximity of our facility to our customer’s Fuzhou maintenance base, we look forward to cultivating an alliance of mutual co-operation and growth with Xiamen Air in the years to come.”