Company Events
Inspiring children

In July, HAECO Landing Gear Services in Xiamen arranged a one-day tour for employees’ children. Twenty youngsters aged between six and ten years old took part in the event and were excited to see their parents’ working environment and learn about aviation. As they walked through the workshops, the children were able to see landing gear up close and learn how the equipment functions and ways to overhaul it. Sustainable development issues, such as carbon neutral concepts and waste sortation, were also discussed with the impressionable youngsters, with the aim of developing their environmental awareness from an early age.


“Beyond the boundaries of business, we have our families. Beyond the families’ bonds, we have our planet,” said Christian Pinter, Director and General Manager of HAECO Landing Gear Services.


HAECO Xiamen has meanwhile launched an aviation career role-play programme this year, enabling primary and secondary school students to experience hands-on learning as aviation industry personnel. Several groups of youngsters have been welcomed to the facility recently, where they have learned about aircraft and the mechanics of flight and even visited the flight deck of an aircraft to experience a pilot’s “office” first-hand. Over 700 students have benefitted from this programme since its launch in February. HAECO’s operating companies in the Chinese Mainland will continue to build social engagement with the community while inspiring youngsters to consider careers in the aviation sector.