Sustainable Development
Turning food waste to energy

At HAECO, we are strong advocates for using less and wasting less. As an example of this philosophy, food waste collected at our Hong Kong maintenance facility canteen is sent to O · PARK1, the first organic resource recovery centre in Hong Kong, where it is converted into biogas used for electricity generation, while residual solids are composted for landscaping and agricultural use.


To help our employees learn more about the science behind this meaningful project, HAECO recently organised a staff visit to O · PARK1.


Clement Au, HAECO Hong Kong’s General Manager, Training, shared his thoughts after the visit: “It was enlightening to see such an innovative recycling facility in Hong Kong. We should all get behind food waste collection and make the best use of this resource!”


“We can see the urgent need and the government’s determination to reduce the amount of organic waste sent to landfill,” said Yina Lee, Executive Assistant to the CEO at HAECO Hong Kong. “By investment in public education and technical innovation, you and I can play a crucial role in securing a sustainable future for our home.”


As part of its goal to achieve 60% of waste (excluding liquid and hazardous waste) diverted from landfill, one of our 2030 sustainable development targets, HAECO aims to maximise the proportion of waste we produce that is reused, recycled, or composted.