Component Services
9th anniversary

HAECO Component Overhaul (CRO) Xiamen organised a celebration event last month to commemorate its 9th anniversary. It was a splendid evening, with more than 130 employees and guests joining the celebration. Senior leaders from HAECO Group and HAESL also flew in from Hong Kong to reconnect with our Chinese Mainland teams in person and toured various repair and overhaul facilities.


Since its establishment in Xiamen, HAECO Component Overhaul has repaired or overhauled over 68,000 components in the past nine years and also achieved a record of Zero Lost Time Injuries for more than 2,600 days. While the pandemic has impacted the aviation industry in the last three years, CRO has continued to improve on its internal process and safety performance. New capabilities were also developed including power drive units, evacuation slides for A320, A330, A350, and Boeing 777 aircraft, landing gear actuators for A320, and Boeing 737, 777, and 748 aircraft plus other galley and mechanical components.


Frank Walschot, HAECO Group Chief Executive Officer who joined the event as a special guest said the transfer of skills and capabilities from Hong Kong to Xiamen had been a great success story and he felt the sense of pride and energy among CRO Xiamen staff. Angus Barclay, Group Director of Component and Engine Services also reiterated HAECO’s commitment to safety and added that positive feedback from passengers is attributed to the rigorous quality standards that the company applies to aircraft repair and maintenance.