Sustainable Development
Promoting knowledge exchange across generations

In mid-2021, HAECO launched its D&I journey, making significant strides in expanding our focus on gender, age, abilities, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Our newly established D&I initiative, CrossGen Allies, aims to foster an age-inclusive workplace and recently hosted its inaugural event, a lunchtime talk titled 'Cross Generation Workforce.'


During this engaging session, CrossGen Allies welcomed Jan Tan from the Institute for Human Resource Professionals, who shared best practices for effectively engaging and managing a cross-generational workforce. Participants learned strategies for promoting individual career growth, fostering collaboration at the corporate level, and acquiring in-demand skill sets valued by employers. The key takeaway emphasized the importance of cultivating a growth mindset and promoting career adaptability.


Catherine Chan, Chairperson of CrossGen Allies, expressed her satisfaction with the event, stating, "The session was a resounding success and a milestone in our journey towards building a robust cross-generational workforce. By equipping employees with essential core skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, adaptability, and agility, we are fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace. We firmly believe that a skills-first approach allows businesses to tap into a broader and more diverse talent pool. We are excited to continue creating a workplace that embraces diversity and empowers all."