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United Airlines celebrates 40th year in Hong Kong with HAECO

HAECO was honoured to be invited to join the celebrations of United Airlines at a commemorative event that marks the airline’s four decades of operations in Hong Kong, attesting to its recognition of HAECO as its long-standing and most trusted MRO partner.


United’s festivities were brought to one of HAECO’s hangars, as leaders and teams from both United and HAECO together celebrated this important milestone with heartfelt speeches, roast pig and cake cutting, and even a tour aboard United’s 767 aircraft.


“HAECO has partnered with United for many years, providing 20 years of base maintenance operations and making sure its planes are safe and reliable to fly. We are a very strong part of the United family and are grateful to be here to celebrate with you today,” said Benjamin Scheidel, CEO of HAECO Hong Kong.


Kurt Carpenter, Vice President – Planning & Analytics of United, thanked HAECO for keeping its customers and crew safe, while Mike Arata, Managing Director of Heavy Airframe Maintenance, said Hong Kong has been the backbone of United as it had to fly through Hong Kong as the U.S. flag air carrier, even back in the days of Pan American Airways.


Wally Dias, Director of Passenger Sales APAC of United remarked the last five years in Hong Kong has been a difficult time, but daily flights have resumed in March 2023 thanks to the collective efforts of the team. “It demonstrated United’s confidence and commitment to Hong Kong, going right to daily service out of the gate,” he added.


As a token of mutual goodwill, HAECO presented United with a commemorative plaque in the shape of an aircraft window, and received a special miniature model of United’s 787 Dreamliner in return.


HAECO and United have worked hand in hand for 20 years to provide excellent service to United’s customers on both the passenger and cargo side. We couldn’t be more proud to celebrate this milestone with this resilient and far-reaching air carrier as it continues to soar above and beyond.