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A game of camaraderie: HAECO vs Fiji Airways

Meetings are one way to catch up with clients, but so is a friendly game of soccer! During their recent visit to Hong Kong on 13 October, Fiji Airways Soccer Club invited the HAECO Soccer Team to join them on the field for some good-spirited fun.


The 11-a-team soccer match was held at Tsing Yi Northeast Park, where all players watched as the Fiji team performed the traditional Cibi war dance before kick-off. As the players fought for the ball through sweat and cheers, they fostered stronger bonds and a sense of camaraderie.


This was the third soccer match that HAECO has played with Fiji Airways, and surely a delightful way of reigniting goodwill and friendship between us and our customers. HAECO values teamwork, respect and cooperation – all of which are also the foundation of good sportsmanship. Whether for business or leisure, our soccer team stands ready for another amicable match anytime!