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HAESL Employees Celebrate Children’s Education Scholarships

Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited (HAESL) recently celebrated the start of the new school year by awarding scholarships to deserving recipients. CEO George Edmunds presented the 2023 Swire Scholarship and HAESL Children's Scholarship to commendable individuals.


This year, ten children of HAESL employees were honored with the HAESL Children's Scholarship in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements. The recipients, along with their proud parents, received personal congratulations from senior management during an award ceremony held on December 22, 2023.


Furthermore, three HAESL employees were awarded the prestigious Swire Scholarship for the first time. The Swire Scholarship, renowned for its rigorous selection process, is open to employees from over 30 companies within the Swire Group. Winners of this scholarship receive a full year's tuition fee for their children.


HAESL takes great pride in its workforce, embodying the values of "Best in the World, Best for the World." In addition to pursuing excellence in their work, HAESL recognizes and rewards its employees for their accomplishments. The company also emphasizes the importance of continuous education, supporting the development of the next generation.